Mixed Recipes (Cecil Court)

Wah I almost missed this one out. How can! through a suggestion from one of my friends Gerard, our ex-classmates from SJI met up over here for our Christmas gathering on the 23rd night and we had a wonderful time! Usually they close at 7pm but we booked this little Egyptian eatery so they were opened for us till 10pm. Never been there before so had to circle a few times to find parking. So finally found a lot on Stanley Street and then walked from the back to the front of the building of Cecil Street.

Heard from Gerard that these 2 Egyptian guys were doing business in Singapore and got cheat of their money. Seriously I hope the people who cheated them are not Singaporeans. So they started this eatery hoping that it works out for them. So far I think it’s good for them! Thank God! Check out the pics below!

Mixed Recipes

Service Counter... can see the little pyramids that lined up along the railings.
Egytian Salad. Very very nice... had 2 bowls of this!
Chick Peas Cutlet. Another starters but forgot the real name... it's in Egyptian... so how to remember?!
Taste not bad... an acquired taste really. Don't think all Singaporeans will like this though. But it's organic and healthy. 🙂
Ok fries was part of the starters as well... good thing was, it was piping hot. 🙂
Egyptian bread... sorry dunno the name but it tasted like naan
And you eat the bread with this lamb kebab! Love this!
Roast Chicken. This is a winner. Roasted to perfection. Tender on the breast meat even. Very nicely done.
Specially made chilli sauce... A bit of curry sauce flavour with chilli. Great when you wrap the chicken or lamb on your bread and you dip into this sauce... whao!

Rating: 5/5 (Food is good and fresh. So must wait a little cos prepared on the spot. Extra points given for good and warm service.)

Taste: I like foods from the middle east and this is similar to Arabic, Iranian but more toward Lebanese cos Lebanese food includes loads of salads… very sourish ones. But these are all home recipes from the 2 guys who started this and it’s worth a try.

Portion: Above average.

Price: About $20 per person

RTE: Yes! For a small gathering or catching up with my friends.

Location: 138 Cecil Sreet #01-02 Cecil Court Singapore 069538. Operating Hours: 9am to 7pm. Call Mahmoud for reservations at 81021715. Mention you got to know about them from Eat With Roy!, he might give you a discount. ;P Don’t quote me!

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