Qing Ji Beef Kway Teow (204 Hougang St 21)


Heard about this place from my buddy’s mummy. So I took the opportunity to try it out when I headed there to do my banking last week. And when I reached the coffeeshop, there was already a queue there at 11+am. So after a wait of 10 mins, I finally got my medium sized bowl of beef kway teow.

Took the dry kway teow option to try the thick sauce. Awwwwwwwesome is the word... comes with the salted vegetable and grounded peanut... very very traditional and adds a lot to the taste.
Check out the amount of meat, tendon and tripe. Cooked to perfection. Love it!
Specially made chilly sauce with chinchalok. Perfect for dipping the beef parts.
Extremely thick beef soup... a little salty though if not will be perfect!
Qing Ji Beef Kway Teow Stall

Rating: 4.5/5 (A tad too salty. If not will be perfect.)

Taste: Like I said a bit salty lor… not good for the elderly or those on special diets. But the sauce or broth are so good, you just have to try it to know. Try the soup with rice might be a better choice.

Portion: Above average

Price: $4.50

RTE: Yes definitely. In fact I’ll go back again this week! 🙂

Location: Block 204 hougang Street 21’s coffeeshop. Near NTUC Fairprice.