So last week, I was asked by a friend to go for some food tasting at Canton-i located at ION Orchard. I was pretty excited ‘cos it was my first time to ION since it’s opening dunno when. 😛 It was raining super heavily that day and I was late for half an hour. But was warmly greeted by the Ops Mgr there together with some media people. The Ops Mgr asked us what do we want to try, I told her that we’ll leave it to her to select the famous dishes for us.

Shot from outside the restaurant
Cashier Counter
Very beautiful fabric for the walls

As we proceeded to the VIP section, we felt the place ambience was really nice and comfy.

 The first items to come were the drinks. I was told that 2 of their drinks are pretty hot selling.

Lemon Grass Drink – Extremely refreshing!
Dragon Fruit Drink. Very very refreshing and lumps of the dragon fruit bits can be tasted with every sip.

Then comes the food!!! Yummy!

3 Combinations of Roast Meat ($23.80) – Excellent + Succullent. All very well roasted and the duck is specially roasted in imported Apple wood. Love it!
See for yourself…
Fried Chives With Dried Prawns & Crispy Cuttlefish – All time favourites with all ages. The taste is really exquisite. Try it to know.

Ginger Juice Milk Pudding – Texture is just right. Soft and slightly curdy but melts in your mouth. That’s the way this milk pudding should be made.

Before we left, I had to shoot the row of roasted meats for me to remember! ;P