Japanese BBQ (Ishi Mura POMO)


Seriously, I do not know what is this called… but this is at the yakitori station of Ishi Mura of POMO at level 3. Quite a satisfying meal though for less than $10.

Damn yummy BBQ teriyaki pork belly, Mackeral and half-boiled egg with veg. I added rice so it's like $1.50 extra.
Close up on the food... wah makes me wanna go there eat tomorrow if I have practise at Hark!
This is a favourite with my friends from Hark. A plate like this is only $1! Must ask for the mayo... dip it and eat it... damn nice.

Rating: 5/5

Taste: Well seasoned meat and fish don’t really smell that much. This pork belly apparently is quite close to our Chinese Siew Yoke, just that it’s BBQed and seasoned with teriyaki sauce. Overall very satisfying! Instead of pork, you can choose chicken or other combination too!

Portion: Quite good. But the rice is so nice I had to add more rice lah… really nice with the BBQ pork… hehe…

Price: Everything in with the fried salmon skin is around $9.50. For good Jap food, it’s affordable!

Location: Level 3 POMO (Formerly known as Paradiz Centre)