Bubble Tea (305 Ubi Avenue 1)

Ok you guys must be wondering how come I’m featuring bubble tea instead of some cuisine from some place right? Well apart from the famous chain of stores for bubble tea, Each A Cup, this store deserves some recognition also for their dedication to offer the best to the population especially the kids around the whole of Ubi Avenue 1 neighbourhood.



Beware of the juice spilling out from this juicy chicken teriyaki burger! Eat while it's hot!

Rating: 5/5
Taste: This shop serves a lot of different flavours of bubble tea… try the Gula Melaka one, damn nice. They use fresh milk, the taste is just different from other neighbourhood stores… The burger is a steal at $3… they have a lot more foodstuffs and snacks. A favourite place with the school kids!
Portion: Standard sizes
Price: $3 for the burger and $1.20 for the bubble tea…
RTE: Definitely! Wanna try the other flavours!
Location: Corner of block 305 of Ubi Avenue 1, just beside block 306 facing the road.

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