Braised Duck Rice (Lorong Telok)

Sorry for not updating regularly as I’m currently in Guangdong, China now and I reckon I should be telling you guys about this duck rice place which is one of my favourites since I started my working life in Raffles Place. This stall used to be located at the corner super old coffeeshop of Circular Road and Lor Telok but have since moved (About 6-8 years ago I reckon) to Lor Telok, just 2 shops to the right of Killiney Kopitiam.

This braised duck rice stall is the only stall within a ‘coffeeshop’… sells only from 11.30am to 2.30pm… within this short period of time, they can sell so many ducks, and they are pretty satisfied with that. What I love about the duck rice here is that, it has the traditional taste of teochew duck rice. The secret of course is in the dark sauce which I believe is the essence of constant braising of ducks over the years. Very authentic, very teochew, very tasty. Try it to believe. However, the sauce is a little salty though, but that is what traditional braised meats are all about… because these braised meats are meant to be eaten with plain porridge in the past.

The Stall
All black black but very tasty
Well cooked duck meat with the sauce soaked inside... the skin just melts in your mouth...
Braised belly pork is offered as well. So you can ask them to add in a plate for you. Same thing, very well cooked.
Braised Peanuts... they also have spare parts of the duck and braised eggs. If the owner finds the parts not cooked soft enough from his every feel, he will rather not sell to you. That's professionalism I must say.
Nothing is left behind for the houseflies, cockroaches or rats... NOTHING!!! Unless of course if they wanna swim in the sauce lah...

Rating: 5/5

Taste: What can I say… it’s one of the best braise duck places in Singapore… and only those who work in that area knows this place… come on, they need more recognition than that!

Portion: Quite good. It pays to be a regular customer ‘cos they do value their regulars in some way of portioning. Well that’s some customer service for you!

Pricing: For all that above minus the can drinks, including 3 big bowls of fluffy rice, gizzards & braised eggs, about $13.00

RTE: Hell yeah! Whenever I’m in that area…

Location: Lorong Telok, 2 shops to the right of Killiney Kopitiam. Opens from 11.30am to 2.30pm, Mon-Sat. Sun close. Parking is a pain on weekdays… hence you may wanna try parking at Carpenter St and then cross over or pay the price at OCBC carpark or One George St building. 🙂