Northern Thai Food


Was in training today at Foo Chow Building and finished around lunch time. So I decided to pack my lunch back to office as I needed to work on my emails.

Saw Anne packing her lunch as well at this Northern Thai stall located at the coffeeshop round the bend of Kitchener Road and Tyrwitt Road. Basically, the whole coffee shop patrons are eating their food. So I reckon they should be good.

Looking at the menu on the wall, the prices are really cheap. Egg omelette $3.00, Pineapple Rice per bowl $1.50, Stewed Pork Leg $3.00, etc… in essence, everything is cheap and portioning is meant for personal consumption.

So I ordered Tom Yum Soup with fried fish slices and a portion of white rice and pineapple rice. Here are the pics:

The soup is a little milky and separated from the fish so that the fish will not get too soggy
check out the amount of fish
close up
Rice is packed in burger boxes so that it's easier to eat
Pineapple Fried Rice - $1.50 per bowl
Close up on Pineapple Rice

Rating: 5/5

Taste: The Tom Yum Soup is extremely good. Probably the best I had so far in Singapore. Very nice and thick soup and you can feel a lot of spices were used to make it so good. The fish slices are all well seasoned before deep frying, hence no smell. Pineapple rice is lovely.

Portion: A lot of fish in the soup and the rice portioning are ok for the price.

Price: $4.00 for Tom Yum Soup (From $3-$5) and $1.50 for Pineapple Rice.

RTE: Definitely… Will try the dishes the next time!