2 Upper Circular Road Lor Mee


I’ve been eating this Lor Mee for the longest time so I’ve decided to try it again recently to see if the standard dropped or not.

As usual, the whole coffeeshop is managed by foreign talents from where my ancestors came from. Coffeeshop’s stalls are all under the same owner now cos all were wearing the same uniform… nevertheless I ordered my Lor Mee from the noodles stall.

$4 per bowl for bigger portion
Close Up...

Rating: 4/5

Taste: Used to have that herbal after taste but now very mild only. But overall still very tasty.

Portion: $4 per bowl a lot of ingredients. I had like chunks of fish, chicken and ngoh hiang. And because of that, my beehoon and mee got lesser… sobs…

RTE: Yes definitely will return to eat when I have the Lor Mee craving! 🙂

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